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Christopher Burman (b. 1986 Hackney, London) is an artist from London who works with installation, software and audio. His work explores the politics of technology and digital production, probing the flows of information and complex networks in which we are all entangled. His work is led by research into the links between neuroscience, machine learning, sensory deprivation, hypnotic and meditative states, visualization, self-help and productivity.

After studying Architecture at The Bartlett, UCL, he learnt to code and began working within the tech-world as a designer and programmer on a series of software projects and ambitious urban scale, digital schemes at Haque Design + Research. These included Pachube for which he was jointly nominated for a Design Museum ‘Design of the Year’ award in 2010 with Usman Haque and Sam Mulube, and ‘Porthole’, an augmented-reality mobile app which led to his participation in the first W3C Web Standards workshop on AR in 2010.

He is a member of STORE Projects, a London-based association of artists, architects and designers. STORE is composed of three core elements: an educational programme of art and architecture courses, wide-ranging public events and exhibitions, and a socially engaged design practice.