Conversation Piece

Audio performance with digital hypnosis.

What Will Happen In Your Metaphor?

A self-help book generated with machine learning algorithms.

Unconditional Support

An installation featuring a SCIF for public and personal use.

Macular Hole

Tool for merging live websites.

Feasible Regions

Sound Insulation Sculptures


A version of Snake that plays itself.

Recent Paintings

Selection of recent paintings.

You Can’t Comb The Hair On A Coconut

Submission for online magazine Form IV.

Thanks (But Also No Thanks)

Skeuomorphic Pop music for productivity.

Set You

Music for your Lamborghini.

While You Were Sleeping

Soundtrack for a car museum.

Diagrams and Drawings

Taking The Line For Take Out

Family Portrait

Sweet Potatoes

Magnolia Cube

A House in Hackney Redecorated

Ghon Jumbo

Open Monumentalism

Cult Of Done

Collaborative Installation


Publication about German car museums.

Skate Box

Nottingham Fun Box

Point Of Sale

Desktop Sculpture

Presidential Attire

Clear stitching about mixed feelings.