Cult Of Done

Collaborative Installation


Cult of Done was a collaborative installation in which participants were given the opportunity to nail a 450 spray-painted bananas to my studio wall.

It was inspired by the rules of a productivity manifesto called the Cult of Done, with the production of the project followed the rules set out in the document as closely as possible. It was an experiment in rejecting certain ways of thinking, either critical, rational or aesthetic, that I felt I accepted without question and allowing my work to be driven by productivity for it’s own sake.

After a particularly long ‘unproductive’ day in the studio I found myself spray painting a banana and nailing it in to the wall. This action proved so satisfying that I wanted to share it with as many people as possible. The aim was to create a gridded space in which everyone could participate with little effort for maximum satisfaction, and grab hold of their daily dose of done.

The cardboard boxes used to carry and spray the bananas were unboxed, framed and given away as Christmas presents.