Macular Hole

Tool for merging live websites.


Macular Hole is a web-based artwork that aims to alter our browsing interactions with internet, by blending two sites together in real time. It makes use of a feature (or loophole) of HTML wherein the entire contents of an external website can be rendered via an iframe, treating a fully interactive website as as a layer in an image.




Note about performance: Viewing Macular Hole requires a pretty fast computer and works best on a large monitor. Perhaps try it out on one of the new iMacs at the Apple Store.


Created as away of challenging and possibly reversing the sometimes coercive delivery of information of the web, it makes use of the ‘difference’ blending mode, made familiar through photoshop but now accessible directly in CSS.



Blending modes are mathematical operations for defining how one layer of an image responds to another. In a literal sense, the outputof Macular Hole is the difference between two webpages which forms an abstracted but still ‘functional’ experience of the web. Many major websites prevent accessing their sites through this method and so it includes a fixed list of websites which currently do.

The title comes from a medical condition in a hole in the macula of the eye causes blurred vision in the centre of the visual field. A macula can also refer to a dark region on the surface of a planet or a unidentifiable object in an aerial photograph.



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