Proposal To Release A (Harmless) Snake In The Apple Store

Snake-y Proposal


It almost goes without saying that Apple, the most valuable company in the world, appear pretty unequivocal about their desire to maintain control of the usage of their products through the design of their hardware, networks and retails spaces in which they are sold, yet at the same time inspire incredible feelings of devotion in their fans.

I find the insane architecture of their meticulous fish-tanks stores very appealing. Beyond the largely glass construction, acres of day-light and lack of internal clutter, the idealised Apple store is crammed full of people holding internet-enabled cameras sharing endless free wi-fi. These places obviously work well as shops but if you were designing an arena for the mass-documentation of an event you wouldn’t need to change much. And yet despite being the ultimate studio for crowd-sourced journalism – very little happens in them.

In turn I feel a conflict of being both a daily user of their products and naturally inclined to resist their stifling image of ‘perfection’. I wanted to find a way of establishing that however dominant and controlling they find it profitable to be, there will always be events outside the scope of their control – the tragicomic slapstick of a (harmless) snake being ‘accidentally’ released in an Apple store seemed to fit the bill. In this way, the proposal is really a dangled threat taking place on an unknown date in the future.