Set You

Music for your Lamborghini.


A track submitted to a mixtape created as part of the show Auto Couture that was from the stereo of  a Lamborghini apparently owned by Owen Hargreaves:…1/just-cruisin

It was shown as part of a London group show entitled ‘Auto Couture‘, features Gery Georgieva, Josephine Callaghan, Yves Scherer, Susanna Davies-Crook, Mikey Gilles and Stefania Batoeva, and writers Orlando Whitfield and Helen Kaplinsky presented a collaborative response to a London car customisation showroom on North London’s Finchley Road.




1. C. Burman – Set You (Lambo mix)
2. Patchfinder – Auto Couture (test drive)
3. DJ City – Subaru Nights
4. Michael O’Mahony – Casio Instrumental
5. Enchante & Vera Modena
6. Clemence de la Tour du pin – Interoperaters by VBANK (Jennifer Scherer Face the Sun remix)
7. Brood Ma – Torque: Turbo Rotary w/ Headers Version