Thanks (But Also No Thanks)

Skeuomorphic Pop music for productivity.



Thanks (But Also No Thanks) is a 25-minute suite of original music designed to boost your productivity.

It was inspired by the pomodoro technique which breaks down work tasks into 25-minute hyper-productive intervals, as a soundtrack for production in the digital age.

The music features samples from apps and YouTube set to music entirely composed of Apple Garageband Jam Pack loops. You can read some more thoughts about skeuomorphism and music here.

01 – Wick [03:53]
02 – Aspen [02:53]
03 – Boulder [01:56]
04 – Orchard Road [01:25]
05 – Xuijiahui [04:21]
06 – Thanks But Also No Thanks [03:49]
07 – The Totally Other / Sphene Gem [07:16]