While You Were Sleeping

Soundtrack for a car museum.


While You Were Sleeping was composed as part of a Vehicle, a project exploring  a number of German car museums built by the major auto manufacturers including Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Porsche. Each brand has it’s own monumental gallery space  structured around a walkthrough of the history of vehicular transport and it’s role in the events of the 20th century, strongly swung to reflect the history of each company.

While You Were Sleeping is a piece of music intended to accompany the experience of  this rebranded version of history, a soundtrack to a history of the 20th century reimagined to position German car brands as the central figures.

The original release featured a ‘Tannoy Mix’, a specially mastered version that would sound correct played over the public address system of one of the museum as well as a simulated version of what this might sound like.


Original CD release:

01 – While You Were Sleeping [03:35]
02 – While You Were Sleeping (Background Music Simulation) [03:38]
03 – While You Were Sleeping (Tannoy Mix) [03:38]

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