Open Studio Text 2017

Text from 'Goodbye Ridley Road'

You’re a rational person I guess so I’m going to ask you to consider something ridiculous. Were any of these objects ever literally alive?

Scientists who research the origin of life on Earth describe a planet flush with water, a natural solvent jiggling hydrocarbons into ever more complex strands. These long chains of molecules, gradually fused together into membranes before bending in on themselves to become first cellular enclosures.

You find yourself, say 3.9 billion years later running your finger over the marble walls in the entrance hall to a nearly defunct civic institution and pausing on a divot, the husk of some deadbeat fossil.

Somewhere in Italy in the 1970’s, pellets harvested from a refined soup of long dead sea creatures are melted before being squirted into the mould, the negative image of a component that can later be assembled in practical studio furniture.

So about these painted objects…

In a sense we’re making a deal. A clumsy negotiation about how they’d like to be remembered.

I usually can’t think about painting without thinking about real estate though.